Weather should be used by farmers for the best crop planting

Weather should be used by farmers for the best crop planting. Expert in agriculture Dr. Dan Acquaye has urged farmers to take advantage of weather patterns and make wise choices about crop selection and planting techniques in order to maximize agricultural productivity and maintain sustainable farming practices.

Dr. Acquaye claimed in an interview with the Ghana News Agency that weather has a significant impact on crop success and overall agricultural output.

Thus, he emphasized the significance of following weather forecasts and comprehending climatic conditions in order to make educated decisions about which crops to grow during various seasons.

He emphasized the need of planting crops that were compatible with the local weather.

Dr. Acquaye shared insightful information on crop varieties that excelled in particular climates, soil types, and rainfall patterns. He also stressed the need of empowering farmers to make the best choices for yield.

To lessen the effects of erratic weather occurrences like droughts or excessive floods, farmers must also be taught the value of crop rotation and diversity.

Dr. Acquaye further urged farmers to investigate climate-smart, resilient farming practices that improve soil health, use less water, and lessen vulnerability to extreme weather.

He asked for additional investment in agricultural extension programs and the distribution of precise, localized weather forecasts, acknowledging the difficulties farmers experience in receiving meteorological information.

He urged cooperation between meteorologists, farmers, and agricultural professionals to ensure fast and accurate access to meteorological information.

Additionally, he encouraged young people to use their smartphones to access technologies and information about weather patterns that may help farmers in rural areas by introducing more climate-smart plant types and technologies that would maximize farmer productivity.

Additionally, he recommended agricultural stakeholders to leverage digitization to offer farmers climate-smart solutions, such as forecasting, early disease warning signals, disease detection, and soil water determination.

Weather should be used by farmers for the best crop planting

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