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UNECA calls for coordinated action to increase Africa’s sustainable connectivity.

UNECA calls for coordinated action to increase Africa’s sustainable connectivity. African nations have been urged by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) to make coordinated efforts to increase continental connectivity.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the UNECA said that the call was made in conjunction with an event held in honor of World Sustainable Transport Day, which falls on November 26. The event focused on current trends and corrective measures with the goal of making Africa’s transportation systems more environmentally friendly, socially inclusive, and sustainable.

According to the statement, Claver Gatete, the executive secretary of the UNECA, stated that “African countries need to cooperate to enhance their connectivity through an integrated intermodal transport system.”

The head of UNECA stated that cooperation can be attained through sharing best practices to maximize the development of interconnected roads, trains, waterways, and airports in addition to creating high-quality, dependable, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure.

In order to ensure a positive social impact, he added, “we must also construct and operate our transport infrastructure in ways that minimize consumption of energy, land, and other resources and generate low emissions of greenhouse gases, ozone-depleting substances, and other pollutants.”

The planet and its people’s present and future well-being depend on sustainable transportation, according to Gambian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ebrima Sillah, who spoke at the event.

increase Africa’s sustainable connectivity.

According to the UNECA statement, Sillah stated, “We can mitigate climate change, improve social equity, and drive economic growth by prioritizing sustainable transport options.”

In order to expedite the implementation of strategies to make road transportation more socially inclusive, African states that have not yet done so are cordially invited to ratify the African Road Safety Charter by Benacer Boulaajoul, the chair of the African Road Safety Observatory Steering Committee.

According to Soteri Gatera, senior economic affairs officer at the UNECA, in order to deal with the continent’s rapid urbanization, sustainable urban transport solutions must be pursued by the African continent. These solutions should enhance safety and security, lower pollution and CO2 emissions, and make urban environments more appealing to visitors as well as city dwellers.

UNECA calls for coordinated action to increase Africa’s sustainable connectivity.

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