Three Assembly Members Were commended for foiling a heist.


Three Assembly Members Were commended for foiling a heist. A trio of assembly personnel Rev. Dr. Richard Nii Amartey Adesah, the president of the Up and Shine Foundation and a minister of the gospel, has praised three assemblymen in the Nsawam Municipality for their bravery in foiling thieves who were stealing railroad wood.

Rev. Dr. Adesah urged the three Assemblymen in a statement, emphasizing that Ghanaians must continue to uphold such nationalistic deeds in order to secure the nation’s advancement.

To assure our progress, we must all aspire to such patriotic deeds. He declared, “The days of viewing national assets as someone else’s property should be over.

After setting up an ambush deep into the night, the assemblymen of the Fante Town electoral area, Abdul-Lateef Saeed, the Abaase electoral area, Iddrissu Musah, and the Adjenase Piem electoral area, Amegbo Raphael, stopped some robbers’ attempt to steal wood from the railway lines passing through the Nsawam township.

When the Assembly members confronted the criminals and raised an outcry that attracted locals to the site, the crooks left behind the stolen timber from the rails.

After that, the cops intervened to take command of the circumstance.
The immediate past President of the Federation of Africa Amputee Football (FAAF), Rev. Dr. Richard Nii Amartey Adesah, has praised this brave and patriotic deed, calling it a great expression of love for the country.

Rev. Dr. Adesah noted that the children and young of today need to learn from it. “These are the things we should be encouraging so we can regain the days of the past where Ghanaians were ready to defend the nation at all times to the peril of their lives,” he said.
He urged the country to honor these people so they might set an example for others.

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