Renew our dedication to offering high-quality education, says McDAN.

Renew our dedication to offering high-quality education, says McDAN. Institutions for learning are more than simply physical structures; they are also sanctuaries where futures are envisioned and dreams are fostered.

Therefore, it is necessary to reaffirm our commitment as a nation and as people to delivering high-quality education for human advancement.

According to Dr. Daniel Mckorley, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the McDAN Group of Companies, education is essential for maximizing the potential of both individuals and communities.

At the great durbar of chiefs and people to round out the 2023 Oguaa Fetu Afahye, he spoke as the guest speaker and emphasized the importance of community development and education for the nation.

The festival’s subject was “Celebrating our educational institutions for enhancing the name of Oguaa.” It was a colorful event.

Dr. Mackorley commended the institutions in Cape Coast’s good influence on many national entrepreneurs and urged them to return to help their alma mater generate more qualified human resources for the nation.

Renew our dedication to offering high-quality education,

“Let’s make sure that every youngster in Oguaa has access to educational resources and the chance to succeed. By doing this, we carry on the tradition of our ancestors, who regarded education as a way to improve our community.

The CEO of the McDAN Group of Companies praised the efforts of teachers, administrators, and everyone else who had helped educational institutions expand and succeed, noting that their commitment was influencing Oguaa’s future and that of the entire nation.
In addition to promising to encourage local young businesses, he gave a donation of GHC 100,000.00 to the event.

He gave a gift of GHC 20,000.00 as a start-up to a young entrepreneur from the University of Cape Coast who gave Dr. McKorley a portrait during the McDan Entrepreneurial Challenge in Cape Coast.

The yearly celebration, which primarily includes locals, attracts participants, festival-goers, and spectators from all over the nation and abroad, is of enormous significance to the people of Cape Coast and beyond.

The Oguaa Fetu Afahye is annually observed as a symbol of unity, thanksgiving, and the renewal of family ties and friendships. It is firmly based in the history and traditions of Fantes from Oguaa (Cape Coast).

The festival offers locals a chance to rediscover their cultural roots and share their distinctive heritage with tourists.

The elaborate parade of chiefs and traditional leaders as they make their way to the sacred temple to give prayers and sacrifices is one of the festival’s highlights. They are dressed in beautiful Kente cloth and gold jewelry.

In order to obtain blessings for the coming year, this ritual represents the connection between the living and the spirits of their ancestors.

The festival’s highlights include vibrant parades, authentic drumming, fascinating Asafo (traditional warriors), and cultural performances.

Renew our dedication to offering high-quality education, says McDAN.

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