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Proverb 31 should be read by every woman, says an Anglican bishop

Proverb 31 should be read by every woman, says an Anglican bishop. Every woman who aspires to be a mother and wife, according to the Right Reverend Dennis Debukari Tong, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Tamale, needs to read Proverbs chapter 31 of the Bible to improve their outlook.

He claimed that the chapter provided a thorough explanation of the wife’s responsibilities as a mother and pushed women to be good mothers and wives.

He made this statement as part of his lecture on the subject of “The Family” during a church service in Tamale.

The lady was the primary caretaker for her husband and children, thus she needed to be aware of her responsibilities as the head of the household, according to Right Reverend Tong, notwithstanding the significance of the distinct roles played by family members.

He declared, “Without a good manager, a home is just a house, and vice versa. Because of this, we learn from proverbs that the community’s esteem for the husband results from the wife’s role rather than from the man’s deeds.

Men should treat their wives with the same respect and affection that Christ showed the church, he added.

“Christ’s love for the church caused Him to sacrifice Himself for humanity,” he stated. Because he asserts that the husband is the head of the family in the same way that Christ is the head of the church, husbands are therefore urged to make sacrifices for their wives and the family.

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