Prior to the African Games, GTTA will outfit coaches.


Prior to the African Games, GTTA will outfit coaches. The International Table Tennis Federation and Olympic Solidarity have partnered with the Ghana Table Tennis Association (GTTTA) to organize a second ITTF level 1 coaching course and training program. The program is set to take place from Friday, January 19, to Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

Thirty participants from Ghana and Nigeria will complete the unique training at the University of Ghana Sports Directorate, where they would learn about the technological advancements, laws, and regulations of the sport.

It would also include suggestions for identifying coaches’ and players’ techniques in various contests, in addition to theory and practical training.

Prior to the African Games, GTTA will outfit coaches.

Successful steps have been implemented, according to Mr. William Berekorang Asare, Ghana’s qualified competition manager and course coordinator.

“Everything has been set up as planned; the ITTF course instructor has shown up, and the location, along with additional study materials, is ready. We watch out for the participants’ enjoyment as they pick up new knowledge and concepts. He stated.

Under the present administration, this is the second edition; the first, held last year, was a success with all of the coaches receiving recognition for their achievements. They behaved themselves admirably, and the instructor was pleased with their contributions and performances. Therefore, this year, we want to focus on a higher specialization. He continued.

The coordinator, Mr. William Berekorang Asare, also said that foreign participants have expressed interest in the training and are anticipated to attend.

But he pointed out that “the coaching course is from January 19–23, 2024, and our athletes will have a training program from January 24–29, 2024, in preparation for the 13th African Games.” Mohammed Ameen Mohammed Atoum, an expert in table tennis for the International Table Tennis Federation, will oversee the program.

Prior to the African Games, GTTA will outfit coaches.

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