phony presidential staffer and alleged phony national security operative are both detained for visa fraud.

phony presidential staffer and alleged phony national security operative are both detained for visa fraud. Two people, Sylvia Naa Dodua Wristberg and Patrick Torto, have been detained and charged with scamming a man of GH32,000 at an Accra Circuit Court.

They allegedly stated that the money was needed to support the man’s wife in getting a visa.
When the victim requested permission for his wife to travel with him to a nurses’ conference in Canada, the accused people allegedly pretended to be national security agents and presidential staffers, respectively.

The investigator, Corporal Rachel Saim, claimed that the accused individuals were wanted for comparable fraudulent actions by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Security.

On June 9, 2023, Sylvia, the first defendant, came before the Afia Owusua Appiah-presiding court and entered a not guilty plea to the allegations of conspiracy to commit and perpetrating the crime of defrauding by false pretense.
Her bail was set at $100,000 by the court, with two sureties, one of whom had to be the owner of a landed property. To give the prosecution time to make its disclosures, the case was postponed until July 12, 2023.


Chief Inspector Samuel Ahiabor, the prosecutor, who presented the details of the case in court, said the complainant, Dominic Acquah, is an X-Ray Technician residing in Agona-Nkwanta in the Western Region, while the first accused, Sylvia, is an unemployed resident of Cape Coast in the Central Region.

The complainant sought to attend an international nursing convention through a friend in April 2023, who then submitted his paperwork to Kenpong Travel & Tours for biometric enrollment and a scheduled meeting at the Canadian Embassy in Accra, according to the prosecution.

According to Chief Inspector Ahiabor, the second accused, Torto, called the complainant in the same month and identified himself as a national security agent and the protocol officer of the Presidential Office of Ghana-Annex in Ridge, Accra.

Torto identified Sylvia, the first accused, as his direct superior and asserted that she was a First Lady’s assistant.

He informed the complaint that they could apply for a visa for his wife using the President’s letterhead.

phony presidential staffer and alleged phony national security operative are both detained for visa fraud.

He invited the complainant and his wife to the Presidential Office in Ridge, Accra, where they had a meeting in the parking lot, according to the prosecutor.

Torto accompanied the complaint to Kenpong Travel & Tours, gathered all of his paperwork, and took his wife’s passport on the condition that he would speed up the visa application procedure.

Torto wanted GH20,000 in payment, said to Chief Inspector Ahiabor, to get the visa. Through a mobile money account registered in the name of the first accused, Sylvia, the complainant transferred GH 10,000. The complainant repeatedly used the same mobile money number to demand and get a total of Gh32,000.

The prosecutor claimed that the defendants bought round-trip tickets from Accra to Takoradi Ghana attempt to seem trustworthy.

When the plaintiff was instructed to travel to Accra for the visa on May 20, 2023, Chief Inspector Ahiabor claimed that the accused individuals could not be located. When the complaint went to the office, they were found to be using false names.

According to the prosecutor, on May 31, 2023, Sylvia, the first accused, was detained in Cape Coast by agents of the Ministry of National Security in Accra as a result of intelligence.

The accuser named Sylvia as one of the offenders. Torto, the second defendant, managed to elude capture, but efforts were being made to do so.

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