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One fatality in road crash on Bolgatanga-Navrongo highway


One fatality in road crash on Bolgatanga-Navrongo highway. After their motorbikes collided on the Bolgatanga-Navrongo highway in the Upper East Region on Sunday, one person died and another was critically injured.

One of the two guys, who had suffered severe head injuries, passed away right away, while the other was taken urgently to the Upper East Regional Hospital in Bolgatanga for medical attention.
The incident took place at around 1800 hours close to Sumbrungu, a Bolgatanga Municipal subdivision.

The two, who were both on motorcycles and were traveling from Navrongo to Bolgatanga in the opposite way, are thought to be in their 30s.

An eyewitness reported that the injured person, who was riding a Haojin motorcycle with registration number M-16-UE 3717, was traveling from Bolgatanga to Navrongo while the deceased person was traveling from Navrongo to Bolgatanga on a TVS Apache motorcycle without a number plate.

road crash on Bolgatanga-Navrongo highway

The injured had split off to refuel at a local gas station, and while returning to the main road, they collided with the deceased who was traveling at full speed, the eyewitness informed the Ghana News Agency.

The source claims that some of the individuals who had gathered at the scene of the accident failed in their attempts to contact the National Ambulance Service in time for them to respond to the emergency.

Because the second victim was thought to have already passed away at the time, a passing Good Samaritan who offered to use his car to aid transport the victims to the hospital chose to take the injured victim instead.

After a short while, the ambulance stationed in the Navrongo Central constituency was heading back to Navrongo from Bolgatanga when it was requested to help transfer the other casualty to the hospital. However, after evaluating the victim, the ambulance staff declared him dead.

The Ghana Police Service was then summoned, and they arrived and transported the body to the mortuary. The identities of the two victims remained unknown.

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