On August 28, NIA will start accepting new registrations.


On August 28, NIA will start accepting new registrations. The registration and issuing of Ghana Cards to eligible Ghanaians 15 years of age and older who are applying for the first time have resumed, according to the National Identification Authority (NIA).

On August 28, 2023, this service—which will be provided without charge—is scheduled to start. All 276 of the NIA’s district offices across the nation, including eight of its 16 regional offices, will help with this registration procedure.

Identity Management Systems II Limited (IMS II) and CalBank PLC, the NIA’s technological partners, have given the organization a total of 484,000 blank cards. Working together with the Ministry of Finance has made this effort possible. This change intends to give eligible Ghanaians who haven’t gotten their Ghana Cards an opportunity to do so.

To guarantee a smooth and structured process, the registration process will be carried out in two discrete parts.

The first phase of registration will only be open to Public Sector Employees employed by the Government of Ghana (GoG) beginning on August 28, 2023, and running until September 8, 2023.

The main goal of this phase is to confirm these employees’ credentials and include their Ghana Cards into the Controller and Accountant General’s Department payroll system.

NIA will start accepting new registrations

The registration period will last 10 working days, during which time qualified employees must present their pay stubs from July 2023 in addition to fulfilling all other registration requirements.

The second phase will be accessible to all Ghanaians aged 15 and over who haven’t yet applied for the Ghana Card beginning on September 11, 2023. People can also replace their damaged, lost, or stolen Ghana Cards during this period, as well as correct any errors in their names or dates of birth. This stage intends to make the Ghana Card available to all citizens, acting as a vital identification document for a range of commercial activities and gaining access to both public and private services.

Now that blank cards are publicly accessible, the NIA is also preparing to resume its Household and Institutional Registration Services.

On August 28, NIA will start accepting new registrations.

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