Married men won’t leave their wives for side women for these five reasons.

Married men won’t leave their wives for side women for these five reasons. It almost seems as though cheating males get a high from juggling their extramarital affairs with their household duties.

Men who cheat on their wives frequently make promises to leave them and wed these other women.

Regularly, the wife will be subjected to accusations of being bad in bed, being old and obese, among other things. But what’s this? Still, they won’t abandon her.

Men who cheat on their wives frequently appear to thrive on balancing their lives and allocating time to both their families and their covert relationships. It’s like repeatedly taking huge bites out of your cake while still enjoying it in its entirety.

Due to these factors, adulterous husbands never leave their wives in favor of side women;

1. A visual item

Men typically do not want to lose out on their status as married people since they are aware of how highly they are regarded in society. Many of these dishonest guys are well-respected members of the institutions of society, such as churches, mosques, businesses, etc.

The last thing on their minds will be to leave their marriage for no cause in order to be with the side chick, mistress, or sugar girl.

2.Wives make them possible

Many women have given men free rein to cheat all they want by making remarks like “all men cheat” and “it’s fine if he cheats so long as he respects me enough to keep it away from me.”

When wives deliberately decide to remain unaware of their husbands’ cunning behaviors, the bar is lowered. And wives let these men roam, waiting at home with wide arms for whenever they get home, refusing to hold them to the expected norm of faithfulness.

And in reality, we can’t hold women all that much responsible. Women have been socialized to believe and accept that having a cheating man is preferable to being single at a certain age, or worse, single with children or divorcing.

Married men won’t leave their wives for side women

3. He cherishes his wife

However contradictory it may seem, it does appear that a husband might love his wife and still cheat on her. Despite a firm, unwavering will to never let go of the wife no matter how good the mistress gets, people who profess to adore their husbands have been known to have side chicks.

The side lady is frequently just for fun and games for this kind of man, and he must have previously compartmentalized his thoughts to maintain it that way forever. Instead of leaving his wife for the side girl, he would want to replace her.

4. His offspring

Additionally, married men stay with their spouses rather than dumping them for side women because they want their kids to grow up in a “functional” and “complete” home.

5.Why alter a successful formula?

Why would he suddenly want to change things if you have been providing him with sex without commitment and letting him enjoy your lovely body before he goes home to his family at night?

Nobody alters a successful formula. A man who cheats would always want to maintain his ability to have it all. Why mess that up?

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