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Man kills mother for GHC 500 in E/R – Report


Man kills mother for GHC 500 in E/R – Report. Mercy Akosua Oforiwaa, whose son is rumored to have killed her in cold blood, is claimed to have retired from the Ghana Highway Authority.

Mercy was reported missing in the Eastern Regional Capital of Koforidua approximately eight months ago, according to a report by United Television (UTV), based in Accra.

Her family searched desperately for her for the entire eight months, but their efforts were in vain.

The family was informed by Mercy Akosua Oforiwaa’s son Gideon Asomani Addo that she had traveled to Kumasi for a funeral.

According to the story, Gideon was arrested by the Asokore Police in the Eastern Region a few weeks ago for selling building supplies that belonged to a neighbor.

Following multiple interrogations, Gideon admitted that he had killed his mother instead of her traveling.

He claimed that when he and his mother were arguing over GHC 500, she passed out. He scooped up her remains and buried her in an incomplete structure near their home out of fear that someone would discover what he had done.

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