Lower Maternal Mortality Rate in Greater Accra Region


Lower Maternal Mortality Rate in Greater Accra Region. The Greater Accra Regional Health Directorate has reported that the Maternal Mortality Rate in the Greater Accra Region has decreased from 181/100,000 live births between January and June 2022 to 146.7/100,000 in the same period in 2023.

Additionally, the still birth rate decreased by 7.9%, going from 12.7% in 2022 to 11.7% in 2023.

The rate of institutional neonatal mortality also fell significantly, from 11.5% in 2022 to 6.3% in 2023, and the mortality rate from malaria among children under five fell from 0.7% to 0.3%.

This information was made public at the 2023 Greater Accra Regional Mid-Year Performance Review meeting by Dr. Mrs. Charity Sarpong, the Greater Accra Regional Director of Health Services.

The mid-year performance review presents an opportunity to critically evaluate the results from the first half of the year, to resolve any shortcomings found, and to work together to meet the indicators to support healthy outcomes.

The conference’s focus was on “Addressing Healthcare Delivery Gaps for Equity in Health Coverage Through Intensifying Health Promotion Interventions, Optimizing the Use of Data and Technology to Improve Access to Quality Care, and Strengthening Preventive and Control Measures for Emergent and Re-emergent Public Health Events.”

She believed that among the disquieting tendencies that required strict monitoring and management were several maternal data.

According to the regional director, there were 74,265 prenatal registrants from January to June of 2022, down to 72,431 for the same period in 2023, and there were 58,953 deliveries overall, down approximately 1.1% from 59,596 in 2022 to 2023.

“As a health sector, we need to be interested in learning what is happening; for instance, families are now having fewer children,” she said.

She added that from 79.708 in 2022 to 83,144 in 2023, the region saw a notable increase in the immunization coverages for the BCG and oral polio vaccine (OPV) 3.

However, coverage for other antigens, such as Measles-Rubella 2, decreased by 24.5% from 89,898 in 2022 to 68,205 in 2023. Penta 3 coverage also decreased by 4.3% over the same time period, from 98.623 to 96,448.

According to Dr. Sarpong, the decrease in immunization rates could be attributable to the early-year vaccine shortages.

Following the correction of the vaccination stock outs, the afflicted districts are carrying out mop-ups to ensure they meet their objectives and cover babies who were overlooked, she said.

Rate in Greater Accra Region

She gave her word that the area would keep allocating resources fairly to all regions in order to deliver healthcare effectively.

Despite the achievements made during the period, the Regional Director noted that the Directorate still had a problem finding permanent office space.
She pleaded with the Regional Minister and the Ghana Health Service Director-General to help the directorate locate a permanent office space.

In a speech read on his behalf by Samuel Nii Adjei-Tawiah, the municipal chief executive of Korle-Klottey, Mr. Henry Quartey, the Greater Accra Regional Minister, praised the Regional Health Directorate for its accomplishments and for making sure that healthcare services was enhanced in the region.

According to him, the health indicators for the first half of the year showed a notable improvement, which attested to the fact that the interventions and programs in place were producing the expected results.

The Regional Minister gave the Regional Health Directorate assurances that the health industry would continue to receive support, particularly in the areas of physical infrastructure and the distribution of necessary supplies.

In order to address the issues in their different operational regions, he asked all District Directors to work closely and consistently with the Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies to include their demands for health care into their programs.

Lower Maternal Mortality Rate in Greater Accra Region

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