KNUST student stabbed to death over missing t-shirt

KNUST student stabbed to death over missing t-shirt. In the enclave of Kronum-Kwapra nestled within the Suame Municipality of the Ashanti Region, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded, casting a somber veil over the tranquility. A 24-year-old scholar, Lambert Frimpong, met an untimely demise, his young life abruptly extinguished by the cruel edge of a blade, wielded by none other than his own companion.

Lambert, a diligent disciple in the halls of knowledge at the esteemed Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, found himself ensnared in a bitter conflict that emanated from the absence of a mere garment – a T-shirt, innocuously vanished yet a catalyst for impending tragedy.

In staunch defiance, Lambert vehemently disavowed any implication in the pilfering of the elusive apparel. However, what commenced as a discourse marinated in dissent metamorphosed into a tempestuous confrontation, an enmity-fueled exchange that crescendoed into an agonizing altercation. A single, fateful thrust of a blade, and the tapestry of Lambert’s existence was irrevocably shredded on the fifth day of August in the year twenty-twenty-three.

Despite a desperate dash to a sanctuary of medical expertise, Lambert’s valiant battle against the grim reaper’s embrace ultimately succumbed to the unrelenting grip of his assailant’s strike. As the ebbing pulse of life faded into the abyss, his name etched in the annals of tragedy, his mournful saga now interwoven with the very fabric of Kronum-Kwapra.

With the scales of justice poised to balance the ledger, the authorities diligently scour the terrain, tirelessly pursuing the elusive fugitive who has slipped into the shadows, evading the clutches of accountability.

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