Incredible! Roma’s AS resignation Coach Jose Mourinho


Incredible! Roma’s AS resignation Coach Jose Mourinho. With immediate effect, head coach José Mourinho and his coaching staff have been fired by Italian powerhouse AS Roma.

Mourinho joined the team in 2021, and his three-year tenure there comes to an end with today’s news.

Mourinho joined the Giallorossi after departing from Tottenham Hotspur, making him the team’s 60th coach.

The team was captained by the Portuguese to the Europa League final in Budapest the previous season and the Conference League title in Tirana on May 25, 2022.

Owners Dan and Ryan Friedkin said, “On behalf of all of us at AS Roma, we would like to thank José for his passion and efforts since his arrival at the club.”

“Although we have wonderful memories of his time at Roma, we think that the club would benefit more from an immediate transition.

“We hope for the best in José’s and his assistants’ future endeavors.”

The team will make their replacements known shortly.

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