Captain Smart agrees to resign from Media Generale.


Captain Smart agrees to resign from Media Generale. Godsbrain Smart, also known as Captain Smart, is the host of the Onua Morning Show. He has made his decision to leave the Onua TV Radio brand public.

Captain Smart left Angel FM in 2021 under dubious circumstances, and he later joined the station.

The National Media Commission (NMC) has issued the station with multiple warnings regarding Mr. Smart’s broadcasting style since he joined Onua TV.

It’s unclear if his leaving has anything to do with the NMC problems.

Captain Smart declared on the show today that he had “enough” and was leaving Onua TV to take on new challenges and opportunities in the media.Let me express my gratitude to those I am leaving behind. You all did a great job. from drivers to security. And now, with due respect, I would like to bow and wish you all a blessing. However, we won’t make it here for you. We are where we are now because of you. Many people don’t comprehend how quickly I move. He said, “You might not truly comprehend me until you hear my loud silence, at which point you would understand how much we wish he were here.

“I leave when the applause is loud,” he continued. I want to thank everyone for their indulgence, passion, empathy, compassion, and everything else that makes you wake up every other morning to come listen to me. I also want to thank Media General management for keeping me in check. Every time I go, my speed is always supersonic.I make sure the dead rise because I am a fixer. I make sure to bring up anything spoiled or dead on a station when there is nothing more that can be done about it. I thus thank all Ghanaians. We are done for now. Someone needs to arrive and carry on.

Captain Smart agrees to resign from Media Generale.

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