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Blakk Rasta attacks Cheddar hard and queries his wealth source


Blakk Rasta attacks Cheddar hard and queries his wealth source. Following Cheddar’s threat to purchase the radio station where Blakk Rasta works and demote him, the singer and radio hostess has taken a strong stance against Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Cheddar.

Blakk Rasta called Cheddar an idiot with “chicken change,” whom he has shielded by putting away unfavorable rumors that numerous people have leveled against him.

According to rumors, Cheddar objected to Blakk Rasta’s charge that by domesticating tigers, he was abusing the creatures. Subsequently, he gave Blakk Rasta notice that he would purchase his media company and eliminate him completely.

Blakk Rasta was infuriated by the threat and retaliated:

Take a look at this man. Examine him. Fool, where did you obtain your money? I’m furious right now. Is this person threatening to demote me and buy my radio station? What an idiot. How many people, such an imbecile, have money before? How much money do you have? Changes in chickens? I find the Bongo clips shocking! He was furious.

Blakk Rasta continued by expressing sorrow that, despite his refusal to believe any unfavorable rumors that were brought to his attention regarding Cheddar’s business operations, he now believed that he could threaten him due to financial gain.

You know how many anecdotes they told about this guy? We decided to let him lead his life as he is a young man maturing. Let me grow. My brother thinks he’s going to demote me because of this chicken change,” he continued.

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