Baby found abandoned in a Ghanaian forest is saved


Baby found abandoned in a Ghanaian forest is saved. A month-old infant was found abandoned in a polythene bag in the woods close to the Achimota Forest, one of Accra, the country’s capital, by members of the Ghana National Ambulance Service (NAS), an official said late Tuesday.

A NAS Simmons Kewura spokesman claimed that the crew responded right away after receiving a distress call describing the situation.

“The crew arrived on the site and found a black polythene bag in a bush with a sobbing infant inside. The infant was suffocating when the crew discovered it because it was wrapped in a polythene bag, according to Kewura.

“The crew promptly removed the baby’s head from its wrap, checked its vital signs, and examined it. In addition to four onlookers, the crew wrapped her in a blanket and transported her to the Achimota hospital, according to Kewura.

According to Kewura, “the baby is still receiving treatment at the Achimota hospital,” and an inquiry is currently being conducted after the issue was reported to the police.

Baby found abandoned in a Ghanaian forest is saved

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