Annual Gold Production from the Newmont Ahafo North Project is 270,000-325,000 ounces.

Annual Gold Production from the Newmont Ahafo North Project is 270,000-325,000 ounces. The Ahafo North project concessional area, which covers around 10,000 acres of land across five communities in the Tano North Municipality of Ghana, is where Newmont Gold Limited (NGGL) will start conducting actual mining operations.

Mr. Joseph Danso, Senior Manager of External Relations for the Newmont Ahafo North project, gave insightful remarks during a recent media training conducted at Abesim close to Sunyani.

He disclosed that mining activities would start by the end of 2024, with an anticipated annual gold production of between 270,000 and 325,000 ounces.

Mr. Danso also underlined the notable advancements being made on big construction projects. The team is putting up a lot of effort to finish the plant site, thermal facilities, and other crucial infrastructure in the upcoming year.

Mr. Danso addressed environmental issues and emphasized the project’s dedication to monitoring and mitigating potential effects.

Newmont Ahafo South and North’s Communications and External Relations Manager, Mr. Samuel Osei, provided more information regarding the project’s advantageous effects on employment. It is anticipated that 1,800 employment will be produced just during the construction phase. 550 direct employment will be created by the Ahafo North project once it is operating.

Annual Gold Production from the Newmont Ahafo North Project

Notably, as part of an employment agreement, Newmont pledged to hire up to 53% of its staff from the nearby host towns.

Mr. Osei also emphasized Newmont’s commitment to helping regional businesses expand and promoting local economic development. To strengthen the capabilities of regional firms and generate employment opportunities, programs like the Enhanced Local Procurement Programme (ELPP) are being implemented.

In addition, Newmont is funding communities’ access to programs for soft skills training, apprenticeships, and construction worker training. With this commitment, it is guaranteed that the project’s environs would experience sustainable growth and long-term prosperity.

In closing, Mr. Osei underlined that the completion of the Ahafo North project will not only highlight Newmont’s dedication to ethical and sustainable mining processes but will also considerably increase Ghana’s revenue collection through taxes, royalties, fees, and community development.

The organization’s commitment to generating long-lasting value for both themselves and the neighborhood is evidence of their outlook for a thriving future.

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