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According to Dr. Jane Mensah, the Holy Spirit inspires individuals to be unique leaders.

According to Dr. Jane Mensah, the Holy Spirit inspires individuals to be unique leaders. In order to succeed as full-time employees in the vine yard, leaders, particularly those of the Christian faiths, have been advised to draw inspiration from the holy spirit.

In an interview that appears on the back of the second edition of her book, “Spiritual Leadership for the Unique Leader,” Rev. Dr. Jane Mensah stated that the book’s updated edition aims to close leadership gaps while providing sanity and perfection to Christian leaders.

The book also aims to equip spiritual leaders with the tools that the Holy Spirit demands of them as leaders in order to help them win souls for the kingdom of God.

She contends that spiritual leaders are the designers of the church and as such should be held accountable to God for some of the shortcomings that currently plague the church.

the Holy Spirit inspires individuals to be unique leaders.

God is the architect of leadership, and he has a master plan for the church that includes leadership in particular. The spiritual guidelines that direct us toward spiritual leadership must be followed. We work incorrectly if we don’t adhere to the master planner’s established guidelines.

She asserts that Christian leaders must exhibit a particular set of characteristics in order to effectively bring others to Christ.

She contends that leadership shortages caused by the lack of these moral norms are endangering Christians.

In order to be approachable, a spiritual leader must be kind, modest, empathic, and should not place oneself above their followers.

“Leaders should accept criticism with kindness, offer an apology when necessary, and learn to deal with their disappointment in an unbiased manner.” Added he

She is a qualified teacher who worked at a number of prestigious senior high schools before switching to full-time ministry after serving in a variety of roles at the Church of God in Ghana.

Eternal Word Evangelistic Ministry (ETWORD), a non-denominational Christian ministry with presences in Togo, Benin, Kenya, Liberia, Ghana, and other countries, is led by Dr. Jane R. Mensah.

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